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100 Glorious years of Sugarcane Breeding Institute

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Minutes of Liaison committee meeting

Dated 29.09.11
Proceedings of the Liaison committee meeting held on 24.09.11

A meeting of the Liaison committee discussed  various issues with regard to the forthcoming events viz. Launch of centenary (Oct.2011), Breeders-Pathologists meet (Jan.2012), Industry-Institute interface meet (April 2012), National Seminar (Aug.2012), Agricultural Fair (Sept.2012), AICRP workshop, International Symposia  & Plenary session of Centenary celebrations  (Sep/Oct.2012) along with respective  plans of action.

The following members of the Liaison committee attended the meeting:

Dr. D. Puthira Prathap
Sr. Scientist (Extension)
Dr. V. Jayakumar
Sr. Scientist (Plant Pathology)
Dr. G.S. Suresha

Scientist (Biochemistry)
Dr. (Smt). P.T. Prathima
Scientist (Biotechnology)
Smt. R. Nirmala
Technical Officer
( Entomology)
Shri.D. Edwin
Technical Officer (Estate)

Other members: Dr. Mohanraj was away to Agali, Dr. Nisha, Smt. Subhadra were away on a training programme.
The responsibilities of the committee is to be sorted out event-wise. To start with the centenary launch /Foundation day (Oct. -2011) will be the first event and the role of Liaison committee is tentatively listed as follows:
  1. To recieve and liaise with VIPS for the meeting: DG, DDG (CS), ADG (CC), TNAU delegates, PMG/CPMG for possible stamp cover release , RMPs from CBE-based ICAR Institutes, Industry representation if any, etc.
  2. Vehicle, Food and accommodation arrangements made for the VIPs  to be known and to work in co-ordination with the Secretariat, Programme and other committees for the event. Other related issues like local sight seeing, medical support etc requirements of the VIPs to be taken care of.
  3. One member will be attached as Liaison officer for VIPs. : Dr. Bakshi Ram (Head, SBI-RC, Karnal),  Dr. P. Murali  and Shri. A.R. Balasundaram (T5 Cytolab) to be included as part of the committee with Director's approval.
  4. A Directory with complete contact details of the various committee members is to be compiled.
  5. Discussion to be made with the Launch committee of centenary celebrations.
  6. Protocols to be followed for VIPs - ICAR Secretary, Public Utility services, Enquiry details, medical history, travel plan details etc. to be clearly known in advance.

Senior Scientist & Chairman - Liaison Committee.
  1.  PA to Director for information
  2. Secretariat for centenary celebrations
  3. Dr. D Puthira Prathap, Co Chairman
  4. Dr. V. Jayakumar
  5. Dr. G.S. Suresha
  6. Dr. (Smt). P.T. Prathima
  7. Smt. R. Nirmala
  8. Shri.D. Edwin
  9. Dr. K. Mohanraj
  10. Dr. Nisha
  11.  Smt. Subadhra

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