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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Soil Moisture Indicator Launched

‘Soil Moisture Indicator’ launched at ICAR - Sugarcane Breeding Institute

                    Dr Bakshi Ram, Director of ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore launched the ‘Soil Moisture Indicator’ (SMI) device at the Institute premises on 20 January 2016.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Bakshi Ram said that, of late, depletion of water resources in agriculture has been a serious cause of concern. In most of the farmers’ fields, particularly in sugarcane fields, efficient irrigation management practices such as irrigation-scheduling, based on soil moisture status is rarely in practice. In an effort to save water and to facilitate irrigation-scheduling, ICAR-SBI has developed a handy and user-friendly electronic moisture–indicating device, named “Soil Moisture Indicator”.
The SMI device helps the farmers in deciding when to irrigate their fields and as a result there would be considerable saving of irrigation water.
          Expressing gratitude to those involved in the design & development of the device, he informed that the SMI technology was evolved with the active participation of farmers and sugar factory personnel across three agro-climatic zones of Tamil Nadu through the Farmers’ Participatory Action Research Project (FPARP).
          Explaining the mode of operation, he said that the sensor rods of SMI need to be inserted into the soil to a required depth to assess the soil moisture, which is indicated by glowing LEDs. Dr Bakshi Ram added that the device is suitable for use in agricultural farms as well as in potted plants.
          The institute has registered four designs of SMI, while a product patent is pending. Tech Source Solutions, a Bangalore based firm that has entered into a license agreement with ICAR-SBI has started marketing this device by pricing it at Rs.1200.00. Details are available in www.sugarcane.res.in and www.caneinfo.nic.in

Contact details of the manufacturer:
Tech Source Solutions
No 163, Rajeshwari Complex
2nd Floor, Above Karnataka Bank,
R V Road, Near Minerva Circle
Bangalore 560004

Phone: +91- 8792102264 / 9035067427 

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